What We Do


Child Labour Eradication NCLP Special Schools in slums of Guntur
Since 2009 for children ages 8-14, to eradicate child labor, started Special training centres under National Child Labor, Project, Guntur. Children receive primary education, vocational training, physical education and social and emotional support for their development. These schools get collaboration with National Child Labour Eradication Project (NCLP) Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. Three schools are operating in CR Nagr, Dasariapem and swarnabharathnagar, Guntur. At least 350 children successfully completed primary education and currently in higher education as well as also completed higher studies.

Child care Institution (CCI) -Children Home for Abandoned Girls
Since 2006, in partnership and support with IKO, Belgium, BASS provides living and educational accommodations for most vulnerable abandoned girls at Gopalapuram, Chenhiskhanpet, Edlapadu Mandal, Guntur. This child care institution working with the registration and licensed with Juvenile Justice Act under Women and child welfare, Guntur. 35 abandoned girls benefitting through this program. All the inmate girls are studying in English medium classes for primary and high school education at Narayana English Medium School, Edlapadu. This child care institution Build in 2 acres land and facilitates family experiences for the girls. All the inmate girls get certified for the admission into childcare institution from the Child welfare committee, Guntur. This child care home is operating with the instructions under women and child welfare, government of Andhra Pradesh. 8 girls are already completed their education and well settled in their lives. Three girls are already get married and gave birth to children in 2021. Four girls studying in professional courses like B.SC Nursing and Pharmacy courses

Primary Schools and Learning centres for slum Children
BASS established primary education school program for slum children since 2009 with cooperation from Rajiv Viday Mission (SSA), Government of Andhra Pradesh, and Bet Lev foundation, USA. No other schools available here until we have started one and we are successfully operating the school here. 200 children benefitting through this school by facilitating free primary education and nutrition meal to the children at CR Nagar, Dasaripalem. We are also providing schools books, bags and uniforms to the children. And the evening tuition centres also working to improve primary education with expert teachers in at CR Nagar, Dasaripalem.

First Aid Medical centre-

BASS is facilitating medical camps for the slum children and their families and distributes free medicines to the needy patients in Guntur. BASS is also operating a community based First aid medical Centre at CR Nagar, Dasaripalem since 2016 for slum community to facilitate health awareness and first aid treatment. A qualified nurse is operating this first aid centre. Daily 5 to 20 patients benefitting through this first aid centre.

Worksite school for seasonal migrated child labour in brick industries-

BASS is working for the prevention of child labour in brick industries, every year more than 200 families with their children are migrating from Odisha sate on seasonal base to work in 11 brick industries at Pedakonduru, Choutuappal, Telangana. These children were identified and caught through operation smile and police department every year and set for rehabilitation during works period from January to June. Therefore, BASS is working here by establishing a special worksite school since 2015 with the cooperation from GlobalGiving, USA, Maecanta Foundation, Germany and Bet Lev foundation USA. We are successfully organising this worksite school for elder children. BASS gets appreciation for Women and child welfare, police, education department and public media for the operation of worksite school every year. 30 to 40 children are benefit through this school with vocational skills training, formal education, and life skills with their mother tongue language. The younger children also attending to the local primary schools with our staff and volunteers. We are successfully operating this program even during covid lockdown days for the last two years. Now 6th Batch worksite school operating from January 2022.

Emergency relief program for flood victims and Covid relief:

BASS is always Infront of to at the time of emergencies with relief program. BASS organized emergency relief program to 300 flood victims in Kerala in 2018 with the cooperation from GlobalGiving. And also attending in flood affected villages and fire victims in Guntur district. BASS is always Infront to attend in emergency situation either manmade or natural disasters in our targeted areas with relief efforts.

Covid Relief 2020 and 2021

BASS is actively attending in Covid emergency relief to 18000 families so far with urgent essential food sanitary kits, immunity boost nutrition food and sanitary kits since April 2020. We are also at provided immunity booster and hygiene kits to 600 covid infected patients in covid care hospitals, Guntur and other covid care hospitals and covid care child isolation hospitals and home isolation patents in several areas in Guntur. And also distributed immunity booster dry ration and hygiene kits to 72 orphan children who lost parents due to corona infection in Yadadri District, Telangana. BASS also distributed tarpaulin roof cover sheets to vulnerable waste picker’s families in Guntur. Distributed winter protected blankets (rogues) and blankets to road side waste picker families in Chilakaluripet and Guntur slums. BASS also gave essential food and cooking utensils relief top the fire victim families near chilakaluripet. BASS covid Relief covered areas are in the villages of Dachepalli, Sattenapalli, Bhattiprolu, Edlapdu Mandals, Nadendla and chilakaluri pet slums of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and Pedakondur and choutuppal surrounding areas in Yadadri District. All our timely Covid relief activities are reported to district covid reliefliaison wing respectively and also the district government authorities participated in our relief activities. We are very much grateful to our supporting organizations include Bet Lev foundation, USA, GlobalGiving, USA, Global Compassion, USA, Child Foundation Australia and Netherlands and Maecanta Foundation, Germany

Daily meal program for aged
Daily meal program for neglected elderly people at CR Nagar slum, Dasaripalem, Guntur started July 2020 and also started second centre in 2021 at Vaddeswaram, Tadepalli mandal, Guntur District. Total 70 elderly people receive daily nutrition meal program under this project. The selected elderly people get one nutrition meal daily in two centres. This program is supporting by Child Foundation and GlobalGiving.

Education Sponsorship for High school, inter and professional Courses
BASS has been started education sponsorship program for the selected students who are not able to pay tuition fee, Hostel fee, Transportation and books and other needs from 2019. Sofar we are supported 20 neediest students who are studying in graduation in Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy and Intermediate and under 10th class students. We support transportation, hostel and tuition fees. The selected students are from the rural villages and slums in Guntur. Organic India, Bet Lev foundation and Child Foundation supported this program.

Learning centres for waste picker children, Guntur

BASS started a transformational creative learning Centre to 50 waste picker families’ children in Guntur since 2021. Waste piker families are living in uttermost poverty and residing in unsafe huts and the children were identified as sick and child labor. We have started a special learning Centre for the children and providing primary education and daily breakfast or evening supper to 50 children. And also children are admitting into the regular formal schools.