What We Do

Primary education programs for the children in Slums of Guntur 

Since 2012, BASS is operating primary schools at Dasaripalem CPI colonyslum and  Lingayapalem Slum  in Guntur  with the cooperation from Bet Lev foundation, USA. 220 children are get  care and Education through this programs.

Child Labor Eradication Special School Program

 From 2009, and in collaboration with the Indian Government’s Ministry of Labor, under the National Child Labor Eradication Project (NCLP), established a school cum training centre for former child laborers, ages 8-14. The goal of BASS is to educate these children and eradicate child labor. Children receive primary education, vocational training, physical education and social and emotional support for their development. Further funding is needed for the continuation and expansion of this vital project.

Health Centre 

BASS is operating a community Based Health center at CPI colony  for 200 families. A qualified Nurse is taking care  of the centre and providing first aid treatment and basic medical checkups and giving medicines freely.

Orphanage Home for Abandoned Children

In partnership with IKO, Belgium, BASS provides living and educational accommodations for our most vulnerable population – orphans. 26 abandoned children gets new life through this program.

Kerala Flood Relief  

BASS is organised Kerala Flood Relief Program in two flood affected villages in Kerala with the cooperation from GlobalGiving

Basic Primary Education Center

 From 2010, in collaboration with Kindermsisonswerk, Germany, BASS has successfully running a primary school for 70 children from the slum. As a result of this project, 40 children were promoted and went on to begin their secondary education. Still continuing this program with 70 children.

Worksite schools for the migration families

With the collaboration of RVM-AEA BASS is running 5 worksite schools about 200 unfortunate children in remote slums in Guntur distrait from 2011. Unfortunately government is not paid the grants for many months and slowly we are going to cease these schools and indentifying other resources to strengthen and continue. .

Community based Disaster Preparedness Programs

With the support of Caritas India in 15 vulnerable disaster prone villages we are able to provide continuing care and intervention measures for families who are subject to seasonally flooding and fire risks.

Empowerment Program for At Risk Women

Through this program women living in the slum and rural areas are connected with local resources to stimulate the realization of self-sufficiency and financial security. And we are also sensitizing on gender equality in the communities and family level.

Health Education and Medical Relief Program

With the support of Survive Miva, United Kingdom and Action Medeor, Germany, we are empowered to provide much needed health education and medical services to targeted inhabitants. We are always motivate and educate on HIV, TB and other disease and impart best health practices to control sickness.

Collaboration and Partnership

 BASS is having collaboration and partnership with Guntur Diocese Social Service and Welfare Society in various welfare programs includes emergency relief and rehabilitation.   Through our collaborations we are able to continue to provide targeted activities for the betterment of the living and social conditions for the targeted inhabitants. BASS is always in front in Relief and rehabilitation services to the victims of disasters include man made and natural calamities continuously. BASS is one of the members to the Guntur district Disaster mitigation Committee under the chairmanship of District collector, Guntur.

Gender sensitization programs in 5 villages and also youth empowerment thorough awareness education and groups formation in the district!